About S2O Stock Analyzer.

S2O Stock Analyzer is a mobile version of Stock Analyzer, which is a core service of stock2own.com; it was launched in August 2007 and analyzes more than 30,000 securities all over the world daily.

Stock2Own Mission

To save time for stock market investors by developing and providing online data analysis tools.

What Stock Analyzer Does?

  • Fundamental Stock Analysis
  • Technical Stock Analysis

stock2own.com (S2O) calculates financial ratios, growth rates, intrinsic value and margin of safety (MOS); generates Technical Indicator Charts, such as Moving Average, Stochastics and MACD; S2O offer an online and offline stock screeners. Read more about stock2own.com »

There are a lot of web sites where you can find Balance Sheet, Income and Cash Flow Statements almost for any publicly traded business, so stock2own.com analyses financial statements. We developed Stock Analyzer, which produces detailed analysis of financial statements and calculates intrinsic value of a security.

There are also most popular technical indicators are available for you in Stock Analyzer. Technical Indicators can be used as a short term forecast of a security price. They show money flows in and out of a stock.

How to use Stock Analyzer?

You can find detailed explanation of all used assumptions and algorithms in the Investment Theory section.

Don't like to read too much? Watch short video of how to use Stock Analyzer results:

stock2own.com - Stock Analyzer. Introduction.

S20 Stock Analyzer. Introduction.

Describes the basics of how to use stock2own.com Stock Analyzer - FREE instrument for Stock Intrinsic Value and Stock Margin of Safety (MOS) calculations, Stock Charts, Technical Indicators and Alerts, Stock Fundamental Analysis and Stock Evaluation.

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stock2own.com - Stock Analyzer. Financial Data.

S20 Stock Analyzer. Financial Data.

Describes the basics of how to use stock2own.com Stock Analyzer - FREE instrument for Stock Intrinsic Value and Stock Margin of Safety (MOS) calculations.

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stock2own.com - Stock Analyzer. Value Price.

S2O Stock Analyzer. Value Price.

Describes Value Price calculations of the Stock Analyzer - FREE instrument for Stock Intrinsic Value (Value Price) and Stock Margin of Safety (MOS) calculations.

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stock2own.com - Stock Analyzer. Technical Indicators.

S2O Stock Analyzer. Technical Indicators.

Describes Technical Indicators available at Stock Analyzer and basic rules of how to use them.

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What people say about stock2own.com?

...I realize membership is worth a million dollars because its such a great informative site. I've tried several other sites, even paid money for Rule #1 lists, but no other site is even close to being comparable to the great Stock2own.

- Doug

Just a quick note to say I have read Phil Town's 'Rule #1' book and agree with the fundamental-technical approach. In doing an internet search I came across a reference to your site and recently joined. I have gone over the site carefully and just feel I cannot leave something unsaid... This is a brilliant realisation of his concepts! The site is easy to use and well thought out. The programming seems flawless. I just wanted to commend you for this outstanding job. I hope the site is very successful. You deserve it to be. Well done and keep up the magnificient work. I take my hat off to you and all those involved.

- Ben

Whoever you are, I just wanted to extend a thank you for all the work you've done on your website and making it accessible. I started dabbling in stocks about 6 months ago and have read about 15 different investment books, all of them useful. I keep coming back to the first book read which was Rule #1 Investing which, I think, is a bit fortuitous and in keeping with my investor personality. It just amazes me that there are people such as yourself that take the time to share your research. I know for me it's like chicken noodle soup to be able to access info such as sticker price, mos, etc. as the stock market is surely today's version of the wild west.

- Tom

I've just found your site and I have to say, it's excellent, really nice work. I hope you keep having the time, enthusiasm, initiative and patience to keep it up to date as it will help many people in the future.

- Andy

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S2O Stock Analyzer is powered by stock2own.com stock analysis.

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