S2O Stock Analyzer is a mobile version of Stock Analyzer.

Stock Analyzer is a core service of stock2own.com; it was launched in August 2007 and analyzes more than 30,000 securities all over the world daily.

How does it work?

If you think about buying or selling a stock, it worth to analyze it first. Simply click on "Stock Analyzer" tab and start typing stock symbol or company name. S2O Stock Analyzer will advise you about possible stocks while you are typing. Then click "Search" and see results for yourself.

S2O Stock Analyzer - Growth Rates

Fundamental Analysis

In Fundamental Analysis stock2own pays attention mostly to current and historical growth rates of all major financial figures, including Equity (Book Value per Share), EPS (Earnings per share), Sales, Free Cash Flow, Gross Profit, Long Term Debt and other. Steady positive growth usually indicates stable financial state of the company and high predictability of future results.

S2O Stock Analyzer - Stock Value Price

Value Price

S2O Stock Analyzer calculates Value Price or Intrinsic Value of a stock, using Pessimistic, Moderate and Optimistic projections. In order to calculate Value Price stock2own uses the formula developed by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd and described in their famous "value investing" methodology. Use predefined projections to calculate value price for a stock OR run your own numbers and get your own projected value and MOS prices.

S2O Stock Analyzer - Stock Price Charts

Technical Analysis - Price Charts

Get price charts for any given stock: stock price, moving averages, stochastics, MACD and more... You can also see self-explainable Technical Indicator Alert for each chart as well as cumulative alert, which incorporate all shown technical indicators. Alert values are as simple as "Buy", "Hold" or "Stay Away" words.

S2O Stock Analyzer - Watch List

Maintain your own Watch Lists

Watch List allows you to keep all your stocks (currently own or potential targets) in one place, monitor their prices and make a quick comparison. All basic fundamental and technical data is available right there, for each stock in your Watch List. All Watch Lists organized by country codes, which allows you to maintain all stocks from US within US Watch List, from Germany within DE Watch List and so on.

By the way, yes, S2O Stock Analyzer can analyze stocks from different countries.

All the data presented in such an order where investor can estimate the fundamental value of a financial security, compare it to the current market price and make a buy or sell decision based on margin of safety, current market price and technical indicator charts and alerts.

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